OA Empowerment

Attaining a Successful Transition from Primary to Secondary School

How it works

Some of the challenges children may face when making the transition from primary to secondary school include, anxiety about whether or not they will be able to cope in a much bigger environment, negative self-worth and a need for approval, an inability to build rapport with others as a result of poor social skills, and the debilitating pitfalls of social media. 

Our three Free One-hour sessions are designed to equip children with the tools and resources to not only cope with the transition but also thrive in their new and much bigger environment.


Below are some testimonials from children and senior leadership team members.

“The sessions were really informative and enjoyable for the students. They took a lot away from it that they will be able to apply when they go to their secondary schools in a few weeks. One of the pupils said it really made him think about life; and coming from that particular child, that was huge!! I'm very pleased with how the sessions were organised and thought out. Segun is a natural speaker and has a way of grabbing the attention of the listeners.”
Prianka Gohel,
The Grove Academy
'I have never seen my class so engaged when someone else was speaking. They were attentive and asked lots of questions. One of the shy girls in my class even contributed in the group activity in front of the class, which she very rarely does! It was nice for them to have someone come in and speak honestly about attitude and the impact it can have. The children definitely felt more empowered and at ease about transitioning to secondary school. Thank you.'
Assistant Head Teacher,
Woodlands Primary School
"I think it was great the way you told us all to believe in ourselves and be yourself. I think it was the best session; the way you told us to believe in ourselves is going to help us."
Year 6 Student,
The Grove Academy
"The children learned the value of listening and celebrating success, however small. They enjoyed it and undoubtedly gained something from it."
Year 6 Teacher,
The Grove Academy
“The session was really good fun, and it helped me learn what my talents are. It was amazing!”
Year 8 Student,
Villiers High School
“It was a great session - very well planned, and kept the students engaged.”
Villiers High School