OA Empowerment

Harnessing Key Attributes for Sustained Development


How it works

The challenges children in years 3 and 4 experience include lack of confidence, behaviour, inability to  express themselves effectively, and a lack of resilience. 

The objective of our sessions is to empower each child with a confidence that can only come from  recognising, understanding, and being in tune with who he/she is, and helping them develop the  ability to understand, appreciate, and respect others; thereby significantly improving their emotional  intelligence and social skills. As well as this, we will significantly improve their creativity and critical  thinking skills.

Our Curriculum

1. Identify Your Talents

Using our self-discovery tools, we will enable each child to identify the following; 

  • His or her specific talents 
  • How to utilise those talents to succeed 
  • What their findings say about who they are and the situations / scenarios they thrive in


Methodology: Coaching, using Self-Discovery Techniques

2. Self-worth

The objective of this segment of the session is to establish a foundation of positive self-worth, in  order to neutralise the dangers of a very common predator – Desire for Approval 

Students will identify the following; 

  • Their most important values 
  • How to practise their values on-a-daily basis – even when they don’t feel like it How to identify / recognise the values of others 

This interactive session will empower students with a strong foundation of who they are as well as  better understand their fellow-pupils. 

This session will naturally lead into the Social skills and Making and Keeping Friends session

Methodology: Coaching, using Self-Discovery Techniques 

3. Social Skills / Making and Keeping Friends

The objective of this session is to empower students to communicate effectively and  confidently.  

Students will;

  • learn how to communicate internally with more empathy, thereby empowering them  to communicate more positively with others 
  • learn how to listen with both eyes and ears 
  • learn how to listen effectively, in order to know how to Build Rapport, via Adapting  or Mirroring – specifically utilising Tone, Body Language, and Language 
  • learn how to handle disagreements and differences 
  • learn how to listen without interrupting or finishing off sentences 
  • learn how to start a conversation with confidence 
  • learn how to make good friends 
  • learn about bad and good influences (using their values as a benchmark) learn about the key aspects of friendship – love, kindness, integrity, being true to self, and loyalty 



Coaching and simulation exercises

4. Creative Writing

The objective of this session is to not only empower students with the ability to bring stories  and ideas to life through writing, but also to develop critical thinking skills via open discussion groups. 

Students will; 

  • learn how to create the body of a story 
  • learn how to create a scene 
  • learn how to create and develop lead characters 
  • learn how to use the five senses to connect with their readers 
  • learn how to show and not tell 
  • learn how to present their ideas in public (public speaking) 
  • learn how to take constructive criticism in order to further develop their ideas 


Teaching, Discussion Groups and Simulation exercises 

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