OA Empowerment

English Tuition for Primary School Children

How it works

The best way to empower children to succeed is to enable them to envisage what they can achieve or become.  In other words, it is always far more effective to inspire children to succeed.

This is why we include coaching and self-discovery in the first couple of sessions. Show a child what she is capable of and who she can become, and her heart and mind will be eager to listen, learn, and work that much harder to succeed.

Our classes are tailored for children in years 4, 5, and 6. 

Furthermore, we assess the competency and skills level of every child in order to tailor courses and assignments in line with their needs.



80-minute lessons

Small groups

One on One

Weekly assignments

No matter what point your child is presently at, we will ensure she attains the necessary level required to succeed.

Fee: £15/hr

Enrich your child's life today.


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